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Guest Nomination 

We are always looking for new, inspiring, and interesting guests to feature on the You Got It, Girl! Podcast to inspire other women.

If you know someone who would be perfect for the You Got It, Girl! Podcast, then let us know!

We would love to learn more and possibly feature them on our podcast!

***To be considered, please make sure you follow in Instagram @yougotitgirlpodcast and Subscribe on YouTube.

Requirements Complete?


What Types of Guests will be considered for the Podcast?

The You Got It, Girl!  Podcast strives to promote diversity and show women the diverse range of roles out there in the world to let them know that Yes, you can too.  You Got It, Girl!

Guests include, but are not limited to, female business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing gurus, podcasters, corporate executives, professors, subject matter experts, influencers, and fascinating and interesting women.  

I submitted a Guest Nomination, now what?

The You Got It, Girl team will review all podcast guest nominations to ensure that guests are aligned with the You Got It, Girl audience and will reach out to the nominee directly about being on the podcast.

What topics will be discussed on the podcast?

Podcast topics will vary based on guest but will have a general theme of Manifestation and Empowerment and incorporate productivity and mindset tips as well as tips and advice from Subject Matter Experts.  Each episode will  also include your daily dose of Girl Talk where we chat about our current obsessions from Fashion Go-To’s and Beauty Must-Haves to Foodie Cravings to our favorite TV/Netflix Series.

Is this podcast for me?

Yes!  The You Got It, Girl!  Podcast is for any women who is seeking positive change in their lives.  We will be sharing inspiring stories from a diverse range of women with diverse interests, hobbies, and careers.  The podcast highlights who knew deep down that they had it, dared to go for it, and pursue their passions.  We will discuss the biggest learning lessons throughout the process as well as real, actionable tips on how to move forward towards making your goals and desires (i.e. a promotion, weight loss goal, starting your own business, etc.) become reality.