How Curiosity leads to finding your Passion – Guest Luz Jabiel

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How Curiosity leads to finding your Passion!

Chatting with Founder, CEO, & Lifestyle Influencer, Luz Jabiel.


External Pressures, social media, and self-reflection.   Living your life for you.  

Luz Jabiel is a lifestyle influencer and serial entrepreneur. In 2011 she quit her architectural career to seek financial and personal freedom that she found in entrepreneurship. She is now the founder of Holisima, Co-owner of Curiocity Catering and editor of Lucky In Style blog. She is passionate about personal growth and empowering other women. Stop by her social channels to stay hi.

Also, for those who want to know what fabulous lipgloss Luz was wearing from the Girl Talk session, it was Chanel’s Rouge Coco Gloss in the color#786

Where you can find Luz and her brands:

Founder x Editor

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