Chatting with Activist, Community Leader, and Holistic Wellness Expert – Kaia Olivia.


Holistic Wellness

Alternative medicine, holistic wellness, and the difference between Reiki and Prana Healing.  Being in your purpose.

Importance of having a United Voice

Voices of our City Choir – The Importance of having a voice and community involvement.  Getting the coveted Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent and a call from the Mayor of San Diego that June 2 is now the Voices of our City Choir Day.  The choir performed an original song called the Sounds of the Sidewalk.


Black Lives Matter

We discuss George Floyd, Privilege, being an Ally.  How to use privilege to help the black lives matter movement. Racism, micro  and macro aggressions, and empowerment through uncomfortablility.  Discussing ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement if you are not comfortable attending a protest.  Collectiveness of Unity, the power of the collective voice

San Diego Protests

Protesting for 10 hours during the Downtown San Diego Protest on May 31, 2020.  Protesting for 7 days straight, community, and purpose.  San Diego protests have been peaceful and well organized.  Simple, organized, with Intention.  North Park Protest, Hillcrest Protest and Black Trans Lives Matter movement.  There is both a harshness and a beauty to the San Diego Protests.


Girl Talk

Highlighter, Red Lipstick, and How to replicate that ocean feeling.  Wellness Practice – cleansing and renewing your energy by taking a dip in the ocean.  Not close to the beach?  Make your own DIY ocean soak at home, find out how!

Get Involved – San Diego Black Community Organizations

Black Expression Open Mic
Power through Fitness – Black Community Garden
next community town hall meeting:  Friday, June 19, 2020

San Diego Homeless Organization

Voices of our City Choir

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Protest Dance Workshop – All Proceeds Go to Black Lives Matter

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 4pm

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