You Got It, Girl! Podcast

The Official Podcast of the Empowermvnt Movement

Our Goals and Vision

You Got It, Girl’s goal is help empower other women to dare to manifest their dreams by providing them with examples of real women who have done it, and real, actionable productivity and mindset tips on how to get there. 

Inspiring women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds and it is important for women to see women who look like them doing the things they always wished they could do.  We want to reassure them that Yes, “You Got It, Girl!  You can do it!


Who We Are

We are a community of Empowered Women, Empowering Women.

“You Got It, Girl!” is your supportive BFF who encourages you to go for your goals and helps by giving you solid advice and actionable tips  to manifest your wants into reality.



Our Story

We have all yearned for more  or just something different at one point or another in our lives.  Stop wondering “What if?” and wishing you had started something 5 years ago.  Life is too short to wait to start living and manifesting the things you want in life.